Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

    Palyvoda Yuriy Yevgenovych
    candidate of science (engineering) assistant
    Tel: +380 352 254584
    Shanaida Volodymyr Vasyliovych
    candidate of science (engineering) assistant

Mechanical engineering have been trained at the University since its founding. The department was reorganized in 1989. The present name Mechanical Engineering Faculty was given to it as the result of the reunion of two Faculties, Mechanical and Part - Time ones. More -than 5000 specialists were trained in the period of 1960 - 2002.

The staff of the department consists of 6 academicians of Ukrainian Academy of Science and corresponding members of branch academics, 3 Honoured Inventors of Ukraine. 23% of them are Doctors of Science and Professors, more them 70% are Candidates of Science.

  Manufacturing Engineering;
  Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Systems;
  Agricultural Engineering;

The specialists are trained on the basis of the latest achievements of science and technology new programming technologies witch are integrated with the production according to the multilevel scheme. The educational process provides the knowledge of programming an advanced knowledge of foreign languages and management.

The students enrich themselves with the knowledge of modern technologies in manufacturing processes. They are taught to design, repair and operate the metal - cutting tools and systems, automated complexes and agricultural machines on the basis of the advanced methods of design and studing.

Scientific investigations are used by means of the most up - to - date computer machines, systems of the machine graphics.

The scientific investigations is an integrated part in training specialists. There scientific schools function within the Faculty witch are known in the world. Special Council for submission and defending theses for the Doctors Degree is functioning here.

Faculty departments:
  Department of graphics modelling;
  Department of manufacturing engineering;
  Department of computer technologies in manufacturing engineering
  Department of machine - tool instrument systems of automated production;
  Department of computer design of instrument-tools and machines;
  Department of technical mechanics and agricultural engineering.